Robert Chambers on Knowledge Integration and Co-creation

February 22, 2012

Knowledge integration and knowledge co-creation are Buzz words, and I’m glad that there was an attempt at deconstructing them at the – IKM Emergent and Hivos organised –  seminar The State of the Art on Knowledge Integration across Boundaries, January 23 and 24, 2012 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I was invited to conduct interviews with participants and to film and edit the public lecture by Robert Chambers. What a joy it was. Connecting participatory knowledge to formal ‘proven’ knowledge is an issue I’ve been struggling with throughout my ‘participatory working practice’, the last 13 years.

Chambers addressed Gaps, Errors and Ways Forward in a mind provoking wayOn the YouTube channel of IKM Emergent you can find a playlist, connecting to all the videos of the event.

1. There’s a 16 minute video summary of the lecture.

2. There’s a great short video where Chambers produces a sentence with words that are IN the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, and a sentence with words that are NOT.

3. There are short interviews with participants and Chambers himself on their perspective on Knowledge Co-creation.

Have fun watching & contemplating. Here’s the full playlist:

A great suggestion for further reading is the IKM Emergent publication: How wide are the Ripples; The management and use of information generated from participatory processes in international non-governmental development organizations.

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